Elevate your senses.

 Vivamore.com has been engaged in bringing people together since 2002.  

    Vivamore has exceeded expectations surrounding helping people come       together, by embracing the mission statement it created to

"Live Life, Love More"

(Name Vivamore and slogan Stolen by Selena Gomez for her perfume!) 


Since 2002

Launched in the spring of 2002, Vivamore started as a social media site before the term social media had been coined.  

With members joining from all around the world, people came together in a central forum with all different backgrounds, with different tastes, preferences and personalities. 


No one has a nose for love, more than Vivamore.  As people began conversing, realizing that the differences in their lives are what make people unique, magic started to happen.  

The essence of people began to elevate beyond what had been simply stated in the user profiles.


From dating ideas, dress and fashion advice, fragrance, perfume, and beauty reviews, Vivamore brought diverse opinions about how people could make their lives more beautiful.  


Ideas naturally flourished, and through organic growth the member base reached over 30,000 people within the first year.