Fashion for the Non-Fashion Minded

It's never easy waking up, walking to your closet, and trying to pick out something that's going to be striking yet comfortable.

Everyone has this challenge, and unfortunately it's a result of not having enough money when it comes time to shop!

Imagine the scenario where you're out at the mall, and find something that you like, say a shirt. There are some pants that have been put with it, but you don't have enough to buy both the shirt and the pants. You accept the fact and think to yourself that you can wear it with the jeans or whatever you already have, but it would never look as good as the pants on display with the shirt.

Here's what you do. Get the shirt. Take it home. Hang it up. The night before you want to wear it is when you need to focus. Get the shirt down and lay it on your bed. Grab every set of pants you have and line them up beside your new shirt. Then go to town!

In the end, if you don't have pants that are going to work out, take a second trip to the mall.

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